Make a safe bet: successful family houses project

Are you looking for a comfortable and modern real estate near Prague in a quiet location? Do you want to ensure that your house is really going to be built in an appropriate quality and a time schedule that has been promised? Choose the family house project DUBEČNICE on a strategic site – in Roztoky near Prague. Under the DUBEČNICE project, first stage consisting of row houses has been successfully finished and sold out. You can make sure with your own eyes that the houses are completed and functioning and that happy families have found their home there.

Modern real estate near Prague with low running costs

The family houses DUBEČNICE projects offer semi-detached houses 5+kk and luxurious villas 6+kk. Not only can you enjoy beautiful interior and exterior, but you will also find high functionality in these elegant and modern homes. Semi-detached houses, row houses and villas in DUBEČNICE are constructed with precision in details and the lowest running costs possible. We will gladly prepare the interior according to your wishes. Our team of professionals is always ready to help you with the choosing and realization of your dream modern home.

You can choose from a range of semi-detached houses measuring 162.83 square metres with gardens up to 466 square metres, a garage, and an outside parking place, or from luxurious villas, each one equipped with an ecological heat pump that will save a lot on running the house. Villas 6+kk can range up to 306.38 square metres with a plot up to 1063 square metres including garden and three parking places.

A great site with excellent transport access

Modern real estate in Roztoky near Prague  is an ideal place for living. The quiet town is situated on the left bank of the river Vltava near the river mouth of the brook Únětický potok (Únětice Creek) and is well-connected by train or bus; it only takes a few minutes to get to numerous train, bus, or metro stations in Prague – for example to train stations Praha-Holešovice, Podbaba (Podbaba Railway Station), Masarykovo nádraží (Masaryk Railway Station) or bus and metro station Dejvická. Trains and buses leave very often; moreover the site is easily accessed by car. You can arrive to Vítězné náměstí in 10 minutes or to the Václav Havel Airport in 19 minutes.

When you are buying a luxurious villa or a semi-detached house you always deal with the owner that is the property developer. You can reserve the house without binding and in case you do not have all the finances at your disposal we will provide a convenient credit line or mortgage service.

1. Modern and luxurious homes a few minutes by public transport from Prague
2. Quiet and well-placed location
3. Transparent purchase
4. Sport and other facilities and beautiful countryside only a few steps from your threshold

 If you are looking for a modern high quality real estate near Praha 6, do not hesitate to contact us and check our model homes.

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Řadový rodinný dům je navržen pro vytvoření prostorného bydlení v rodinném domě. Příjemné pocity vzdušnosti přinášejí interiéru dva balkóny, velkorysý obytný prostor a velké pokoje. Zejména v ranních hodinách oceníte dvě koupelny. Dům poskytuje také prostor pro odpočinek na zahradě orientované do nejklidnější části bytového komplexu. Terasy domů jsou pro zvýšení soukromí vzájemně odděleny zdmi. Součástí domu je také garáž pro jedno auto a dostatek úložného prostoru. Visit is possible by appointment at tel. 00420 773 697 602

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Heat pump

Great investment

Easy installation system

Environment protection

When you choose a heat pump as the heating source you choose clean energy gentle to the environment – no fossil fuels, no carbon dioxide emissions into the air. The minimal impact on the planet means protection of the environment.


  • The heat pump De Dietrich ALEZIO air to water Power Inverter with 11kW output can produce up to 4.2 kWh of heating energy per one kWh of electricity used. This way you can get for free up to 3.2 kWh. Moreover, the Power Inverter system can adjust the output to your needs which saves you up to 30% compared to a regular heat pump.
  • The primary circuit between the inside and outside unit is filled with a cooling substance so all risk of freezing is avoided.
  • The minimal outside running temperature is -20⁰C.
  • Bivalent system using an electric boiler Alezio with 220 litres reservoir integrated in the inside module “all-in-one” to save even more energy.
  • Built-in equitherm regulation with an outside sensor prepares the water for heating precisely to minimize the losses.